Cute Pets are cute – Funny turtle porn. Or shoe porn. Depends I guess.

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I think this cute little turtle at least deserves a nice new Nike or at least a fresh penny loafer. Poor thing will probably catch something and it doesn’t even look like he was satisfied. I think a pair of Jordons would have done it for him though.

What Happens When Chris Hansen Plays Fallout 3 Video Game?

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Seems Chris Hansen is a gamer and may need to go on his own show. I mean, he seems like a stand up kind of guy but kind of a hypocrite with his special “to catch a predator” shows and then to see him acting like this. Shame on you Chris!

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Funny ShamWow Parody Videos – Vince From ShamWow!

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I know some people hate them but I LOVE the Vince Offer infomercials for ShamWow and now the SlapChop. If you realize he is just playing a part and actually making fun of himself, as well as the infomercial industry as a whole, it makes it even funnier. We are laughing WITH him because he gets the joke ;) .

Anyway, there are TONS of ShamWow parody videos but most are really really bad. Here is one that I laughed out loud at though.

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Video Game Videos – Killzone 2 Review of demo on PS3 network

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For those with PS3 video game systems, a Killzone 2 demo was recently released on the playstation netowrk. If you are into those types of games, it’s pretty amazing and even if you aren’t into first person shooters it is something you should check out just because of the graphics and technology advances. Pretty cool.

But anyway, here is a pretty funny video review of Killzone 2 by ELPRESADOR. His other stuff is pretty good too.

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