Joaquin Phoenix Ruins Career On Late Show – Crazy Silly Joaquin Phoenix

February 14, 2009 · Filed Under TV Show Clips · Comment 

Alright, Joaquin Phoenix is a pretty amazing actor so in reality this could all just be him taking us all for some kind of crazy, trippy, ride and him just ‘acting’ like he has lost it. Or maybe the dude just quacked out decided to get high everyday and didn’t care what the world thought. Hey, who’s to say someone can’t just want to sit back and love music. It’s worked for some people!

Check out the awkward interview between Joaquin Phoenix and David Letterman on the Late Show

Funny ShamWow Parody Videos – Vince From ShamWow!

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I know some people hate them but I LOVE the Vince Offer infomercials for ShamWow and now the SlapChop. If you realize he is just playing a part and actually making fun of himself, as well as the infomercial industry as a whole, it makes it even funnier. We are laughing WITH him because he gets the joke ;) .

Anyway, there are TONS of ShamWow parody videos but most are really really bad. Here is one that I laughed out loud at though.

See some more of the better ShamWow parody videos on

Funny Video – mean prank video but still funny

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To start off this part of the site, featuring some of the better videos found on VidGrab, YouTube and elsewhere on the web, here is a simple funny video that I felt a bit guilty laughing at. Couldn’t stop laughing regardless though. The audio is a bit annoying unfortunately.