Joaquin Phoenix Ruins Career On Late Show – Crazy Silly Joaquin Phoenix

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Alright, Joaquin Phoenix is a pretty amazing actor so in reality this could all just be him taking us all for some kind of crazy, trippy, ride and him just ‘acting’ like he has lost it. Or maybe the dude just quacked out decided to get high everyday and didn’t care what the world thought. Hey, who’s to say someone can’t just want to sit back and love music. It’s worked for some people!

Check out the awkward interview between Joaquin Phoenix and David Letterman on the Late Show

Amazing Video Of Guy With Insane Mouth…Kind Of A Creapy Video

February 14, 2009 · Filed Under Crazy Videos · Comment 

Ok, this dude REALLY needs to get Pepsi and Coke into some kind of bidding war to sponsor him. I mean can you imagine how many cans of soda they could sell with this guy on TV with the cola companies logo centered nicely between his lips? Then again, it might scare kids.